Become a Contributor to freshlyWORN Magazine

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freshlyWORN Magazine is a contributor based magazine and as such does not book models, make-up artists, hair stylists or wardrobe stylists for magazine shoots. 

If you wish to submit fashion, beauty or culture editorials to freshlyWORN Magazine please review the following contributor guidelines:

All editorial submissions should consist of a collaborating, creative team that is made up of, but not limited to, photographer, model(s), a makeup artist, a hair stylist, and a wardrobe stylist.

Be sure to…

  • include a list of your creative team with your initial submission

  • list the names, position of all the individuals that need credit and be sure to spell them correctly and is the contributors responsibility.

  • provide weblinks for EACH team member’s portfolio, instagram and/or facebook page

All parties involved in the shoot must consent to having their work published in freshlyWORN Magazine. Any models represented by agencies must have a signed release from their agent, even if they did the shoot as trade and the photographer must be able to provide the release with their submission or upon editorial request.

Please note: Our preference for ALL editorial contributions is that the images are previously UNPUBLISHED.

That means unpublished in any other magazines and not available in its entirety on Facebook, Flickr, IG, 500px or your website [sneak peeks of 2-3 images from a shoot are ok].  We want to produce a interesting and fashion forward magazine for emerging and established talent and the while we understand you want to share your exciting new work with the world, our preference for magazine publication is new, fresh editorial images. Thank you!


Please submit your preliminary editorial for consideration by following these steps:

  1. An editorial must contain a minimum of FOUR (4) beauty looks or FOUR (4) separate fashion looks. We want to see a variety in your images, not just different views or angles of the same styling, be CREATIVE!

  2. Editorials must contain a minimum of EIGHT (8) images and we will accept up to EIGHTEEN (18) for final review.

  3. We do not require you to use agency models, but we do encourage that you use experienced, “agency-quality” models that will help bring your story to life.

  4. Images submitted must be low resolution (8.5x11” or 17x11" at 72ppi), attached in an email (maximum of 10mb) or sent via weTransfer or DropBox.

  5. If your images are selected, you will be asked to submit HIGH RESOLUTION images for the final publication.

IF you have been accepted, please:

  1. Send final, accepted editorial images titled in the following format “photographer_lastname_01.jpg”

  2. Approved images must be provided in high resolution (8.5x11” or 17x11" at 240ppi) and sent via weTransfer or Dropbox.

  3. ALL team members involved must be credited (photographers, models, stylists, etc) and YOU are responsible for the correct spelling of all members. We will not be correcting any spelling errors once the editorial has been published.

  4. For wardrobe and/or beauty editorial credits, we encourage you to list ALL items used for every image whenever possible, but this is not critical.

  5. You may include a title to your editorial, or we may provide one if needed. We reserve the right to change editorial titles as needed.

  6. Images published in freshlyWORN Magazine may NOT be submitted to any other publication for a period of 6 months. We also ask that you do not publish your images to any social network sites until the issue is released.

  7. If we choose to publish your images, you will be required to sign/agree to an image release form. If you do not agree, your images will not be published.

Submit your editorial using our online submission platform Kavyar

Kavyar is fast, simple and streamlines the submission process. You will have your submission either ACCEPTED or REJECTED within 3 days of receipt.