freshlyWORN magazine has been a personal (not-for-profit) magazine project for me for over 6 years. Throughout this time frame, I have produced 4 quarterly magazines per year, managed a robust website and built a social media following.

In 2016, I began evaluating the place freshlyWORN had in my life and decided that I needed to take a break/hiatus from publishing for 2016-2017. This break extended longer than I had anticipated and I think I'm now ready to dive back into the publishing fray with a reinvigorated take on freshlyWORN magazine.

During this break, I re-evaluated what the magazine is and has become in my life and I had come to the following conclusions:


  • I LOVE giving new and established photographers, designers, models, stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists a platform for having their work seen, published and valued.
  • I enjoy the publishing aspect of the magazine. I thrive on creative ideas, graphic design, colour and image.
  • I enjoy web design, alot. It’s flexible, easily maintained and timely.

 The BAD

  • Most don’t realize I work as a full-time graphic designer for a large city
  • I manage freelance clients and am a semi-full time photographer with clients and personal, creative work
  • I make ZERO money on this magazine, and that’s ok,  because as I said earlier, it’s a personal project. However, in order for me to continue this magazine with any enthuasiasm and creative energy, that needs to change.

So here we are, over a year into my self-imposed hiatus and I am ready to resume publishing the magazine with this thought in mind…

  • I have redesigned the existing website and have relaunched it in a manner that is more conducsive to the ONLINE magazine format.
  • Contributors will receive high quality PDF tearsheets of their published content for online.
  • There will be more exposure via expanded content, video and interviews.
  • In the past, I have opted to NOT pursue advertising in order to accommodate more editorial material. This will be changing and I will begin accepting advertising on the website effective Fall 2018.
  • I am implementing both FREE and nominal submission fee options for contributors. These fees are to off set the annual cost of running this website and publication design costs.

I want inspire photographers, mua/hairstylists, models, designers and stylists with new, timely content and I believe that not only will this re-invigorate the magazine and give users more interesting / relevant content, it will re-ignite my desire to continue with publishing the magazine online.

christina lazar-schuler
editor-in-chief | publisher