freshlyWORN Editorial Team

Christina Lazar-Schuler

Christina Lazar-Schuler is an accomplished graphic designer and publisher with many years of experience producing books, periodical and online publications. In addition to her extensive graphic design experience, Christina is also a visual artist, portrait, fashion and editorial photographer.

Christina has always been a creative person. Starting as a young child with the usual art materials like paint, crayons, paper, etc. and as she matured, her interests in the visual arts evolved from traditional art mediums to contemporary, digital tools including digital illustration, design and photography.

Christina's experience in both graphic design and the photography field is a desirable combination when it comes to the publishing of a fashion and beauty magazine. She looks at submissions critically, evaluating both the quality of the photography along with the timeliness of the written content. The magazine imagery always needs to be on-point, creative, well styled and editedbeautifully; while the articles need to be relevant, on trend and well composed. There are no exceptions to her rules, she is the Editor-in-Chief after all ;)

Creative keywords for her are cinematic, fresh and bold.



Jason Pillay
Associate Fashion Editor

Jason Pillay is commonly recognized for his eccentric, innovative and empowering mix-match on personal style. By constantly stepping outside of his comfort zone and using his love of experimentation with different colours, textures and out of the ordinary elements, he has sharpened himself into a connoisseur of interpreting and understanding individual style.

Raised in Vancouver, BC, Jason brings an unconventional flare to his home town. Graduating with a degree in Fashion, while simultaneously dipping his toes into the fashion scene, Jason is enthralled by styling socialites, artists, music videos, celebrities, editorials, magazines, runways and much more. In addition to personal styling, he also works in the costume department of Vancouver’s thriving film industry.  Along with these significant achievements, Jason has traveled and attended New York Fashion Week and most recently took a trip to Los Angeles to further pursue his dreams. Notably, he has an unremitting devotion to supporting the local fashion scene whilst juggling his roles as a creative director and stylist.

Jason has an enormous passion to be diverse in all areas of his entrepreneurial business and works to keep his days full of activity and poles apart every day.  He strives to be distinct in his profession and keeping his nose to the grindstone, while living and breathing the motto ‘Be Yourself.’


Robert King
Fashion Event Photographer

Rob King is a fashion and beauty photographer currently residing in Vancouver, Canada.

Having grown up with a love of painting and art, when a camera was placed in his hands at the age of 15 Rob soon realized his calling. He was focused on several different genres from portrait and boudoir, to sport, wedding, and event photography until he landed in the fashion world and has happily embraced it as his own.

Inspired by his love of renaissance painting, film noir, si-fi, and an almost insufferable curiosity with pop culture, Rob loves creating stories and cinematic worlds within his photographs.